For Facilitators

Resources for Facilitators

Resources specific to your facilitated session will be provided by the faculty lead for that session

Podcasts and Webinars

OEFD podcasts on facilitating small groups
Listen to these podcasts to hear tips and suggestions from seasoned small group facilitators.

Facilitating small group discussions webinar (LuAnn Wilkerson, UCLA)
Covers three key principles of learning that can help us to design and lead group discussions that will maximize learning in seminar and clinical settings. Specific teaching strategies to be explored include selecting the discussion stimulus, creating a safe learning environment, using and promoting questions, and providing structure.


Facilitating small group learning in the health professions
A to-the-point article that covers the basics of facilitating small group learning in the health professions.

Effective small group learning: AMEE guide #48
A bit more of an in-depth look at facilitating small groups. Some discussion of common pitfalls and how to avoid them.