Welcome to the home page for the UGME Leadership Curriculum as part of Transition to Residency. We are glad you are here! This curriculum was developed by a University of Manitoba Rady Faculty of Health Sciences working group based on a needs assessment for leadership education for medical students.

This initiative started in 2020 with a careful consideration of the guidelines set out by two different projects:

Following a gap analysis of what was already addressed in the current UGME courses, the working group created learning objectives organized around the LEADS leadership development framework (Dickson, 2010), which was developed specifically for health care leadership development. This framework focuses on five competencies or domains of leadership: Leading Self, Engaging Others, Achieving Results, Developing Coalitions, and Systems Transformation. Within this framework, topics and sessions were structured in such a way to build on foundations laid earlier in medical school and within the curriculum.

For further questions, please contact the course director, Dr. Karen Gripp (


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Dickson, G. (2010). The LEADS in a caring environment leadership capability framework: Building leadership capacity in Canada to lead systems transformation in health. Retrieved September, 12, 2017.